Wantage Township Recreation Commission Veterans' Memorial

Honoring all that honorably serve and have died to protect what we hold dear

Construction Status

Memorial Dedication 5/30/2010

Construction Status

We our proud to announce that the Veterans' Memorial Project has been completed.

We wish to thank everyone who purchased engraved pavers, supported and participated in our 2008 Car Show & the 2009 Spring Fling.  The funds raised at these events were used to pay for the materials needed to complete phase one of construction.

With the leadership of Farmside Landscape/Design and Tom Madsen LLC we have accomplished the following:

Excavation was completed in early April followed by the construction of a concrete foundation thanks to Tom and the Langeraap family. A new reflection wall was added to the original design and the installation of custom paver details was completed by Farmside, which has brought the project to a new level.

By late April Tri State Flag relocated the park flag to the center of the memorial, this was paid for by the Magnus Family.  Farmside crowned phase one with the final landscape to give the project a finishing touch.

Spring of 2010 the granite detail was set followed by the construction of a stone pillar located in front of the flag pole to support the bronze battle cross.

The final stage will be the installation of the engraved pavers that have been purchased by our many supporters throughout the community and beyond.

This lasting tribute to our military is now complete and we we will continue to have the annual car, truck & motorcycle show each October to raise funds for various veternans programs.

A list of supporters can be viewed on our Sponsors Page.


The Concept

Medals Left by Anonymous Donor

In 2006 an idea was crafted by a Navy Seabee deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to build a memorial that salutes the men and womenwho have served since the birth of our nation.  This monument represents that history.  It honors the courage, commitment and sacrifice made by those who broke the chains of tyranny, and have defended freedon and liberty here and abroad for centuries.

A devoted group of citizens in support of this vision banded together to raise funds and construct this monument.


A Very Special Gift

It was a dreay day and we had to call the 2009 show and move to the rain date.  Greg Williams and Tom Madsen went to the park to change the signs and let anyone that came for the show know that we had to reschedule to our rain date.

Tom walked over to the memorial which was a work in progress at the time.  He noticed two small boxes at the base of  the flag pole.  Tom called Greg over to see what the boxes contained.

An anonymous patriot had left service medals, decorative fourragere, a paver form, a short note and a $250.00 donation

Today the medals can be seen encapsulated in the base on ehich the battlecross stands.  Directly in front of the medals is that patriot's paver, engraved as requested "From the heart of a returning homeless vet."